What is an Internet Exchange?

An Internet Exchange (IX) improves Internet performance by interconnecting all networks on an open-access ethernet fabric — providing low-latency, high bandwidth, cost-efficiency, in a locale.

How is traffic exchanged?

All participants connect to the shared switching fabric using Ethernet - either via copper or fiber. Participants use the Border Gateway routing Protocol (BGP) to exchange routing information with other connected networks.

Where is Lambda Internet Exchange located?

Right now we have one switch available for cross connects - located at the Hurricane Electric FMT2 datacenter.

How much does it cost?

We are not charging port fees.

Do the route servers implement filtering?

Yes. Our route servers support strict IRRDB filtering and have strict prefix limits to prevent invalid routes from entering participants’ routing tables.

What prefixes do you use?

We currently use the following prefixes on the peering VLAN:

Are you on PeeringDB?

Yes! Our PeeringDB page is: and we can also be found on Hurricane Electric’s BGP Toolkit.

Do you have a looking glass?


What routing daemon do you use?

We use BIRD to power our route servers, which is a widely adopted routing engine used on IX’s around the world.